Gonzalo Escribano
Elcano Royal Institute

Security, competitiveness, sustainability

The way that the Spanish energy sector is anchored to the European sector leaves some room for maneuver. Indeed, the characteristics of the sector encourage a domestic focus. Outside of the EU there are some interrelationships that call for a different kind of management. Maintaining a sustainable image means designing a credible legislative framework and making efforts to uphold the self-sufficiency and diversification of the industry, making use of renewable energy sources without falling into the trap of the fluctuations and excesses of the past.


Joan Batalla
Professor of Energy Sustainability, University of Barcelona; Former Council Member, CNE

Goal: 10 percent electricity interconnection

The process of physical integration with a new cross-border capacity and market integration represents a unique opportunity for Spain to cease to be an energy island within Europe. Now is the time to accelerate large infrastructure projects, placing a new emphasis on cross-border interconnections. With regard to legislation, a fully integrated European market demands significant advances in the process to harmonize the range of national frameworks.

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