Peninsula Press is a global media agency dedicated to helping countries, regions, and cities to communicate effectively with potential investors and leading decision-makers on an international level.


First, we offer our clients an integrated communications strategy comprising three main elements thatare each designed to target specific audiences:

  • The special reports that we publish in Foreign Policy magazine, our strategic media partner, allow countries and cities to communicate with a global audience of decision-makers in public and private sectors.
  • The research carried out for our reports provides us with the documents we need to support the organization of investment forums, one-day events that allow potential investors to get to know each other and make contact with leaders in the government and private sector of the sponsoring country or region. Participants in these forums include university professors, analysts, diplomats, and civil servants in multilateral institutions.
  • We offer our clients the possibility of organizing an FP ROUNDTABLE, a specially tailored, high-level event attended by invitation only, which includes a private dinner in Washington, DC, attended by twenty leaders from the sponsoring country or region and of the government of the United States, as well as representatives of the diplomatic and business community.

The key lies in the synergy of three mutually reinforcing elements targeted at different audiences but working toward the same goal.

Our special reports for Foreign Policy magazine are concise materials designed to be read by very busy people. This is an important differentiating factor. Supplements in mass-circulation newspapers often reach a wider audience—but not necessarily the right audience. Moreover, our special reports are written, edited, and designed to an extremely high standard, guaranteeing the effective transmission of the right message.


The Strategy Series is a campaign providing countries with a space for reflection and a strategic approach over the medium term. Contents are written with the collaboration of nationally and internationally renowned experts. We seek to define key strategies for the development of each country in a wide range of sectors that take in the whole national panorama and international profile of a country.
The campaign consists of the publication of a book compiling the strategies presented, along with the organization of a conference where the book will be launched. Peninsula Press has a wealth of experience in event organization and is a leader in this sphere.
Strategy Spain is our first strategy campaign. We are also designing campaigns for other countries as part of the Strategy Series.
Finally, Peninsula Press works in close collaboration with each sponsor country, region, or city to tell its story in the most effective and credible way. We seek to focus on what has been achieved as well as what remains to be done. World leaders know that all countries face challenges, a fact that leads them to make contact with each other to outline strategies for tackling such challenges.

This is Peninsula Press’s prime motivation: a commitment to assisting countries, regions, and cities to communicate effectively with the community of international investors and key decision-makers in order to promote development and improve the living standards of people all over the world.