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Jordi Catalán
Professor of History and Economic Institutions, University of Barcelona

The Spanish state has something worth promoting

A medium-sized country like Spain should concentrate on sectors well positioned in the global market to increase its advantage and capacity to generate knock-on effects. Any commitment by the Spanish state to an industrial policy must combine the promotion of industries with the capacity to lead new technological challenges with support for those companies willing to bring about a revolution in more mature industries. There may also be a niche for public action in the interactions between these industries.


Roberto Velasco
Professor of Applied Economics, University of the Basque Country

Ten proposals for reindustrialization

The deindustrialization of Spain sums up the negative consequences of the structural defects affecting the sector. But the real problem is that the Spanish economy’s growth model has run out of steam, and it is now essential that we construct a new model based on reindustrialization, a move that is being promoted as an urgent and collective task in the most highly developed countries of the world. In embarking on this mission, Spain would not be starting from scratch. There are sectors and enterprises that have shown themselves to be extraordinarily dynamic and very well integrated into international production networks.

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